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FSAE Michigan 2023 – The first competition

Introducing GFR ’23 and a recap of FSAE Michigan! This year we designed an entirely new GFR car, and through hundreds of work hours, we were able to complete it in time for FSAE Michigan! The team was able to get through all tech inspections quickly and efficiently, but[…]

FSAE Michigan 2019

Our GFR19c began its season in May, competing at FSAE Michigan against 119 other teams. Beginning with static events, GFR19c placed 8th in Design, just shy of Design Finals, and an incredible first place in Business Presentation! For dynamics events, the combustion car had a very successful set of[…]

FS Spain 2018

Formula Student Spain – 2018 Tuesday Greetings from Spain! After our long bus journey from Friedrichshafen to Barcelona we finally reached our destination: the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya. With about 55 team members we are one of the bigger teams.After the construction of the two pits the whole team sat[…]

FSG 2018

Formula Student Germany- 2018 From the 6th to the 12th of August the Formula Student Germany took place at the Hockenheimring. Already on Friday, before the actual beginning, first members of our team travelled to Hockenheim to secure a good camping site. Followed on Sunday our first sprinter arrived[…]

FSAE Italy 2018

FSAE Italy – The First Event for our GFR18e It’s hard to describe the feeling when the events are drawing closer and you can finally show what you’ve worked so hard for over the last few months. On July 11th the time had finally come: the first event for[…]

FSAE Michigan 2018

In typical GFR tradition, the first event with our combustion car took place at the Speedway in Michigan. From May 9th – 12th the team had the opportunity to showcase the GFR18c in a competition. Overall, we performed well as a team, but due to technical problems we were[…]

Early testing Season 2018

Testing with GFR17e The new 2018 season began with many test days, taking advantage of the great fall weather. The results of the test days will influence the design and construction of the GFR17e during an exciting winter development time. Tire testing In the beginning of October, the DHBW[…]

FSAE Italy 2017

The team visited Varano de’ Melegari from July 19th to 23rd to participate in FSAE Italy with this season’s electric car, the GFR17e. After seven years we finally returned, after the cCar competed here back in 2010, and took first place. The technical inspections flew by fast. The team[…]

FSAE Michigan 2017

May 7th, 2017, the Global Formula Racing combustion car team heads off to Michigan International Speedway to compete in the first competition of the year for GFR17c. Arriving to Michigan on Tuesday the 9th the team started prepping the car for technical inspection and the static events on Thursday.[…]

Formula Student Germany 2015

From July 28 to August 3, Global Formula Racing successfully competed with both our electric and combustion cars in the highly competitive Formula Student Germany (FSG) event at the Hockenheimring. We want to inform you directly of the events during competition. Thanks for your interest and we hope you[…]