International Management

An international team requires on-point communication. We have a dedicated team focused on organizing the environment around the cars.


The first and only international team to compete in the Formula Student series.


Both of our cars are regular contenders for wins, having achieved multiple top finishes in previous seasons.

Two Headquarters

Based in Corvallis (USA) and Friedrichshafen (Germany), Global Formula Racing reaches around the world.

Quality Engineering

Each student on our team specializes in their own tasks. In addition to their regular university schedule, students learn and gain experience with their time on the team.


We love what we do. Our race cars fuel our motivation to work even harder.


"Global Formula Racing is a way of life.I like the idea that Alumnis stay in the team and share their experience with the new team members. Thats why I now start my 7th season as an advisor."

Florian Vogel, Advisor


The Latest News

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