FS Spain 2018

Formula Student Spain – 2018


Greetings from Spain! After our long bus journey from Friedrichshafen to Barcelona we finally reached our destination: the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya. With about 55 team members we are one of the bigger teams.
After the construction of the two pits the whole team sat together in the evening at the barbecue and was looking forward to the next days.


After an extensive team breakfast we headed together towards the race track. At the Drivers Meeting, the drivers were able to familiarize themselves with the challenges they will be facing in the next few days, while the remaining team members prepare the vehicles for technical acceptance.
Since safety and compliance play a major role, both racing cars – GFR18e and GFR18c – have to pass the scrutineering. In addition, both business presentations will take place today, at which place 2 for the combustion engine and place 31 for the electric car were achieved.


As the first car of the day, the combustion engine started its technical inspection.
Thursday is the second Statics Day for the electric vehicle, which greeted us with sunny weather. All team members were looking forward to the participation in the Design (place 13) and Cost Event (place 19), and the mood in the team was good.


The third day at FSS started with the good news that the cCar was able to master the technical approval in the morning and to finish Skid Pad (1st place) and Accel (11th place) with good times. Our eCar also scored in these disciplines with the excellent places (5th and 11th). A special highlight was that for the first time Acceleration was held at night under floodlights.
For the combustion engine, this day was probably the most exhausting of the week, as the static disciplines Cost (6th place) and Design (9th place) took place at the same time.
So also this third Event-Day ended successfully for our team.


The next day was all about autocross. There the cCar was able to set the second fastest time on the track in an exciting final phase. And also the eCar held its ground and became sixth among the electric cars.


This was already the last day of the competition, in which we were allowed to participate in the Endurance due to the results of the Autocross competition from a very good starting position. The team showed its great support to the drivers by enthusiastically cheering them on, especially in the final laps.
Since the pits had to be emptied by 8 pm, part of the team started packing all the stuff into the van and trailer right after the last run, while the rest of the team was in the paddock taking care of the food so everyone could get to the big award ceremony on time.
With the combustion engine we became 3rd in the Fuel Efficiency, 2nd in the Endurance and therefore 2nd overall. Also the eCar was successful and won the 5th place in the Endurance and the 7th place in the Energy Efficiency and was therefore 5th overall.

We are very happy about our achievements in Spain 2018 and would like to thank you for your commitment and support!