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Team Carting Event

As a tradition, shortly after the start of the new season, we held one of our popular karting events. The aim of these events is to integrate new team members into the team and to strengthen the bonds within the team. There were many fun duels on the track,[…]

IESF Automotive Design Conference 2019

On November 7, 2019, Mentor held the annual IESF Automotive Design Conference at the Mariott Hotel in Munich. During the conference, we were able to get an overview of the latest state of the art in electro-automobility. In this conference, special emphasis was placed on presentations regarding autonomous systems[…]

TeamBuilding Hut in Austria – Fall 2019

As we welcome new members to our team this year, we have used the opportunity of our team hut to get to know each other better at this event, to make new friends and to strengthen existing ones. The aim of the event was to ensure team dynamics and[…]

Testing Fall 2019

We have already completed two test phases in October to collect data on the current evolution of the engine system. As already mentioned, from the 2020 season we will focus more strongly on e-mobility and autonomous driving. The tests were conducted with our eCar GFR19e and dCar GFR19d.  We[…]

Driverless Testing Update

Although the driverless race car had already been put through its paces in numerous simulated test drives, there was still a need for many hardware modifications which need to be made prior to competition.  Among other things a steering motor with gearbox and a pneumatically actuated brake system were[…]

Teambuilding Hut 2018

In the last weekend of October our team went to Austria again, more precisely to Hirschegg, to our Teambuilding Hut. We used this weekend to introduce new and old team members to each other and to work together on the topics in the project groups. In addition to the[…]

ZF Race Camp

The annual ZF Race Camp took place from May 16th-18th. The Race Camp is a kind of dress rehearsal for the upcoming Fomula Student competitions this summer. Our team was represented with both the GFR17e and the new GFR18e. We were able to prove our worth in both static[…]

Rollout GFR18e

May 15th was a big day: The rollout of the GFR18e!  For weeks the team worked together towards this day, spending more than a few nights in the shop to be able to proudly present our new electric racer to our sponsors, supporters and friends. At the beginning of[…]

Shipment and Assembly eCar

We are proud to report that our second shipment successfully arrived at the DHBW in Friedrichshafen on April 24th. Never before have we succeeded in completing the second shipment so early. This shows that our team works closely together, despite a distance of 8770 kilometres between the two locations.[…]

Manufacturing of our cooling jackets

This season we have focused on optimizing our cooling jackets. As in previous years, Kuhnstoff GmbH supported us in producing them. With total of two cooling jackets installed in the GFR18e, these generally serve to cool our two electric motors. In each case, a cooling jacket sits outside on[…]