Our Cars

Because Racecar

Our formula cars are the reflection of our hard work. Hundreds of self-made and exclusively designed parts are manufactured for the final product. Each year, the entire system is heavily scrutinized and analyzed for vehicle dynamics purposes and philosophies. Not only is our engineering knowledge applied to the car, but also the blood, sweat and tears of the students as well. The moment the TSAL lights up or the combustion engine fires for the first time, we know it’s all been worth it.


We schedule a bulletproof time table in order to have the cars rolling and testing as soon as possible.


Countless hours are spent in Online meetings, talking through all possible designs. How can we make it faster, stronger and lighter?

Idea Incorporation

The whole team discusses new options to decide on the best one. Strategic cost-benefit analysis helps to finalize our designs.


This is where our ideas begin to take shape. Complex CAD-models and simulations continue to develop until design freeze.


Utilizing the university resources allowed, students manufacture their own designs. All advanced and out-of-house parts are produced with the help of our sponsors.


Once the monocoques are finished the suspension, powertrain and other systems are put into place. Shortly after, the team begins testing for upcoming competitions.

Why we love them

Our cars are the culmination of thousands of hours which have led to a beautiful piece of machinery that validates all of the work that the team has dedicated our one goal of winning competitions. Being up on the podium screaming “We Are GFR” is an experience that I will remember for the rest of my life.

John Kittelman

GFR shows us what can be achieved when people share a passion and work together as a team. Our cars are the perfect proof for that.

Julia Mees

Why am I on the team? It’s great to be part of a team that works together, achieves great things and has a lot of fun. Our cars represent this work and the cooperation of the team.

Lucas Schlaich