FSAE Michigan 2023 – The first competition

Introducing GFR ’23 and a recap of FSAE Michigan! This year we designed an entirely new GFR car, and through hundreds of work hours, we were able to complete it in time for FSAE Michigan! The team was able to get through all tech inspections quickly and efficiently, but unfortunately, on Day 3, we encountered a mechanical failure during Acceleration. Due to this problem, we were unable to participate in skidpad and autocross. This was incredibly heartbreaking for the team, but it did not stop us from pouring all our effort into fixing the issue.

GFR23 at FSAE MIchigan

Through hard work and resilience, we were able to fix the issue and complete Endurance. We are so proud of what our car was able to achieve despite these difficulties! Competition season is not over, and we are determined to grow from this turbulent experience. See you in Europe!