Posts from 2013

Preparing Season ’14

Now we are planning, engineering and testing for season 2014. Stay tuned!

Summer of Racing: End of Season

The Formula Student Austria competition was quite intense, exciting, frustrating and gratifying. Knowing that this competition was the last of this season added a little bit more pressure on everyone to give it their all and give the best performance possible. Another factor was thrown into the mix, the[…]

Summer of Racing: Headed to Formula Student Austria

This is it. It comes down to one final competition this season. Countless hours are put into creating not only two extraordinary automotive vehicles, but two actual race cars. This is our last chance to show the competition and the world that we know how to build and race[…]

GFR wins overall Formula Student Germany Combustion!

All of us at GFR thank you for the support of our team. We cannot be as accomplished without the support from all of our sponsors, family, friends and fans. A special thanks is given to Oregon State University and DHBW Ravensburg for the continued support of our faculty[…]

Summer of Racing: Formula Student Germany

Well what a week. Everything we do as individuals and as a team comes down to just four days of competition. In those four days we are evaluated on how successful we perform, this does not always mean we perform the way we think we should but still gives[…]

Summer of Racing: Settling In

Luckily this is not my first time traveling with the team to Europe. Last summer I was here for both Formula Student Germany (FSG) and Austria (FSA). I remember being wide eyed and trying to take everything in and at the same time help the team be competitive. Now[…]

Summer of Racing: Trains, Planes, Automobiles… Ferries and Buses: A Journey from Oregon to Germany

A morning flight from Portland International Airport (PDX) in Oregon took me to Washington Dulles (IAD) in Virginia landing just before 4 p.m. local time. The next step in my journey was the most critical; do not miss getting on the plane for the international flight. Upon arrival at[…]

Michigan FSAE 2013

After waiting and preparing for nearly nine months, Global Formula Racing was ready for the 2013 Michigan FSAE event. All the blood, sweat and tears of designing, re-designing, manufacturing and assembly culminating into one amazing racecar and one very synergetic team. The final task standing between us and the[…]

Production is in Full Swing

With the start of 2013, we here at Global Formula Racing have begun in earnest the production of the 2013 car. The machines are running, the labor hours are increasing, and we are starting to see the results of these efforts.             The chassis team[…]

Cooperative State – OSU/DHBW Shipments with Panalpina

Starting in 2009, the beginning of a successful collaboration between two universities, separated by two continents, began in earnest. In recent years, Global Formula Racing team has had numerous successes. To be sure of our continued success, there is required a good cooperation between the two teams that are[…]