Rollout GFR18e

May 15th was a big day: The rollout of the GFR18e!  For weeks the team worked together towards this day, spending more than a few nights in the shop to be able to proudly present our new electric racer to our sponsors, supporters and friends.

At the beginning of our rollout we invited our professors and supporters Mr. Kibler and Mr. Purol to the stage. They opened the evening with a creative speech about the team. Afterwards Mr. Pietsch, a representative of the IWT, gave an interesting guest lecture about megatrends of the future. After a little insight into the past of the GFR and a presentation of the current team, the time had finally come: Our GFR18e was unveiled. Our marketing team prepared something very special for the occasion. Together with a dubbed version of the song “Es rappelt im Karton” we presented our new electric race car.  Afterwards, our technical management presented the innovations. This year, the aerodynamic package, the chassis and the electrical system in particular have been optimised. The aerodynamics subteam has developed a completely new underbody based on a new concept this year. A new Front Wing has also been developed.

This will lead to a significant increase in downforce. In the suspension area, we have completely redesigned parts of the chassis and changed some of the material combinations to carbon. This saved a lot of weight. But it wasn’t just the mechanical engineers who were busy. Our electrical engineers have also further revised their system and were able to reduce its complexity. Nevertheless, it was possible to enhance the data system of the GFR18e. This allows easier test data analysis and advanced data recording. The battery has also been significantly improved. We are confident that these changes will make themselves noticeably at the events this summer.

At this point we would like to thank our sponsors and supporters again, because without you, all this would not have been possible!


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