Teambuilding Hut 2018

In the last weekend of October our team went to Austria again, more precisely to Hirschegg, to our Teambuilding Hut. We used this weekend to introduce new and old team members to each other and to work together on the topics in the project groups.

In addition to the new students, some advisors also attended to actively support the new team.

The starting point of the hut was Friday evening with a first team building game, a dinner together and a short introduction round of the team members. Saturday started the day with a breakfast and went afterwards into another game, in which the team was divided into groups. The goal of the game was for the two groups to each build three independent marble tracks. In two short meetings, the respective group leaders had time to exchange ideas in order to ensure that the three marble tracks of their team were constructed as equally as possible. In the evening, the concepts of the groups had to be presented to the jury in a presentation. This game had once again shown our team how difficult it can sometimes be to make compromises in a short time in order to create a common concept. This is a challenge that we, as international cooperation, face every day anew. The results of the individual groups were definitely impressive, not to mention fun.

At noon there was a work session on the agenda, during which all subteams and especially this year’s student research assistants could work together intensively.

In the evening the fun part of our team building game continued, because now each group was allowed to show their marble run in action and present their design. After the award ceremony we then closed the evening end in yet another game.

On Sunday morning we had to pack and clean up again and after one last small team building activity we went back home to Friedrichshafen.