Manufacturing of our cooling jackets

This season we have focused on optimizing our cooling jackets. As in previous years, Kuhnstoff GmbH supported us in producing them. With total of two cooling jackets installed in the GFR18e, these generally serve to cool our two electric motors.

In each case, a cooling jacket sits outside on the aluminum housing of the electric motor. Thus, the cooling jackets are a part of the water cooling circuit. We distinguish between two separate water cooling circuits – for the right and the left side of the racing car. Each circuit includes an electric motor, an inverter, a radiator and a pump.

Due to the complexity and the desired weight reduction, Β this year we opted for the SLS production process with the material PA12 again. Kuhnstoff has been supporting us on this for several seasons. The SLS process is an additive manufacturing process which is very precise and offers a good surface quality and component strength. By choosing the method mentioned, and working with Kuhnstoff, all conceived geometries could be implemented exactly.

To optimally coordinate the production process, Mr. Kuhn and our engine manager met several times to discuss the CAD data in detail. At this point, we would like to thank you for the many years of support! We hope to continue to build on the existing relationship in the future, in order to compete many more races together.