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Thank you GFR17e crew!

Last weekend, 11 team members had their graduation ceremony in the Graf Zeppelin House in Friedrichshafen. After three years of study at the DHBW Ravensburg and an intensive and exciting time in the GFR, all have successfully received their bachelor’s degree. In the past season, our graduates have done[…]

GFR18 goes karting

What do we at GFR do when we’re not busy prepping for another successful season of racing? Well more racing of course! On the 22nd of November, we all packed into our cars, full of anticipation for this years GFR Team karting event. The short trip to our favorite[…]

Dallesport Shootout

This year just like every other year, Global Formula Racing and the combustion car team took the trip out to Dallesport Washington for the annual Dallesport Shootout. This trip every year is a great team bonding experience as well as a chance to meet and enjoy time with other[…]

Teambuilding hut 2018

One weekend – One hut – One team full of motivation! From 27.10 to 29.10 a large part of the GFR team went to Austria, to the already known “Bergheimat”, to spend the annual Teambuilding Hut weekend. This weekend not only offers the opportunity to start the new season[…]

FSAE Italy 2017

The team visited Varano de’ Melegari from July 19th to 23rd to participate in FSAE Italy with this season’s electric car, the GFR17e. After seven years we finally returned, after the cCar competed here back in 2010, and took first place. The technical inspections flew by fast. The team[…]

ZF Race Camp

Ten years of ZF Race Camp – and we have been there since the beginning. The camp is traditionally our first event in the season and it’s also the first chance to compare our car with the strongest competitors in Formula Student. Over 30 teams from 5 different countries[…]

1st testing day eCar

GFR15e back to the testing track Racing is in my blood, I can’t quite get out of it yet. – Dick Trickle On Easter Monday, the team started the eCar testing season with a driving day in Leipheim near Ulm. For many team members, this was the first testing[…]

GFR goes skiing

Team building event I’m never tired of winning, and I’m never tired of skiing. – Lindsey Vonn And we are definitely not tired of building a race car! On Saturday, 4th of March, the team went skiing in Warth, Voralberg. We started the day with a „Weißwurst“-breakfast at 6[…]

Interview: Andre Koener

This month, we took five minutes to sit down and talk to Andre Koener, our shipment responsible. He’s in the team since 2015 and has been involved with the shipment ever since.   Hi Andre, thank you for your time today. Let’s jump straight into it: What is ‘the[…]

Porsche excursion

Fascination sports car In the beginning, I looked around and could not find the car I’d been dreaming of: a small, lightweight sports car that uses energy efficiently. So I decided to build it myself. – Ferry Porsche Just like Ferry Porsche, we decided to build our own race[…]