Teambuilding hut 2018

One weekend – One hut – One team full of motivation!

From 27.10 to 29.10 a large part of the GFR team went to Austria, to the already known “Bergheimat”, to spend the annual Teambuilding Hut weekend.
This weekend not only offers the opportunity to start the new season with new ideas and new motivation, but also to involve the new members directly into the team.

First day:

Friday evening started with presentations and a film to not only give the newcomers a good look into the team, but also to create new motivation for the coming time. A quiz and several small team games also ensured that new and old members got to know each other better.

Second day:

WhatsApp Image 2017-10-28 at 18.58.43The next morning we had breakfast together with a small round of introductions, where the advisors of the team could introduce themselves. Also our american guys joined via Skype.
Afterwards the GFR members were divided into five groups, because during the morning a team task was given to the individual teams: Each team should build a race car from given means (wood, nails, and a balloon, etc.) and develop a concept in order to sell the car well in a business presentation in front of the entire GFR team. Of course, all the teams immediately set to work with a variety of thoughts and strategies, and had time until lunch to complete the task. 
The presentation of the cars was scheduled for the evening, as in the afternoon the sub teams had intensive work session, where new inspirations and plans emerged, and the newcomers to the teams had the opportunity to make their own suggestions.

After dinner, a presentation of the cars was on the program. Under competitive conditions, each team had to present their car to judges. This included the design, the cost report and the business presentation. Of course, after all the statics came the most exciting part: a race where all the cars could show what they were capable of. The task was mastered by all teams and was a lot of fun.

The last evening was spent together as a team, before we went back to Friedrichshafen on Sunday morning. The weekend offered, as every year, the optimal starting point to motivate the team, have a fun to start for new season and to give the new team members a first impression of the team.