Summer of Racing: Headed to Formula Student Austria

This is it. It comes down to one final competition this season. Countless hours are put into creating not only two extraordinary automotive vehicles, but two actual race cars. This is our last chance to show the competition and the world that we know how to build and race an amazing car; to show them that GFR is not an average team, that all the work leading up to the competition was worth it. Every year is a new chance to evolve and innovate, to grow our knowledge and strengthen our abilities, now is the chance to demonstrate these capabilities out on the track and in the presentation booths. We wait and prepare for these moments for over nine months, the opportunity to compete, contend and race.


Going for a fifth straight overall win for the combustion team adds even more pressure. The chance to go for a fifth consecutive win is a testament to all the past members of the team. Their achievements have set the current members on an incredible path. It is now our opportunity to keep it going. Our expectations keep us focused. Our instincts drive us forward. Our ever-evolving knowledge motivates us to push the limits.

We have a lot to prove. We still have four strenuous days of competition ahead of us. We are up for the challenge. We are ready. We are relentless.

We are GFR.