Cooperative State – OSU/DHBW Shipments with Panalpina

Starting in 2009, the beginning of a successful collaboration between two universities, separated by two continents, began in earnest. In recent years, Global Formula Racing team has had numerous successes. To be sure of our continued success, there is required a good cooperation between the two teams that are around 5500 miles and nine time zones apart.

There are 5 technical sub teams that coordinate in the development and design of both the combustion (cCar) and the electric (eCar) version of the car. However, there is one sub team that is equally important: Supply Chain Management (SCM). These three letters are sure to accompany any and all aspects of the race cars on the entire value chain. This starts from the raw materials, through the processing stages, and finally to the finished product.

This entire process includes not only the acquisitions of materials and inventory, but also the organization of shipments. This is necessary because, for example, the development of the electrical car is begun at Oregon State University and is finished at the DHBW. The combustion car, which is manufactured solely in the USA, has to be shipped to Germany as it takes part in European competitions.

In the course of the year, there are three shipments taking place between the two campuses. Before any shipment can take place, there needs to be a list created of each part that will make the long journey across the Atlantic. In addition, to meet the customs requirements, a statement needs to be generated regarding quantity, weight, and value of each part being shipped. There also needs to be attention paid to the container that will be used to package all of these items. Finally, there needs to be coordination of having the container picked up and delivered.

Since this endeavor would be very expensive and because of the legal provisions related to the shipments made by Global Formula Racing, it is necessary to have a company that engages the team in this challenge. This company is our sponsor Panalpina in Bad Waldsee, Germany. Since 2012, the employees of this logistics firm have assisted our SCM sub team with invaluable experience.


The first shipment will soon be leaving Germany to start its trek to America. We appreciate and thank all of our sponsors for their knowledge and assistance, without whom, none of this would be possible.