ZF Teambuilding Hut 2019

Between April 3rd and 4th, the ZF Teambuilding Hut took place in Hinterzarten in the Black Forest. Accompanied by Frank Ross and Peter Oster, our team took part in the workshop focusing on motivation and communication in the “Rinkenklause” in order to strengthen the team spirit in the run-up to the new season. Due to the dual structure of our studies, members are repeatedly not on site, which makes communication all the more important. In order to strengthen this, the team worked on several tasks in the course of the workshop, which should point out problems and strengths of our teamwork with play and fun.

Special moments of the workshop were a self-organized, multi-course dinner with moderation and entertainment program, which the team conjured up on the first evening under limited resources. The dinner was to pick up the Formula Student spirit and convey it to the guests so that they are introduced to the Formula Student as close as possible. To achieve this, locations were prepared in advance to reflect the different areas of a competition. These include the campsite, the pit lane and the racetrack itself. Also the decoration, up to the selection of the meals were carefully planned, in order to make certain feelings and characteristics of the Formula Student tangible. A snowshoe hike to a nearby traditional restaurant has also been positively remembered by our members. During the hike, the team gathered and presented their wishes and expectations for the new season to the Formula Student Gods in order to appease them and to receive their blessing – because in motorsport, as you know, a good portion of luck is also part of it.

On the last day we shot a short film in a very short time in which humorous problems in teamwork are presented and solved. The task of short film as well as the multi-course dinner has been applied to other Formula Student teams and is put into competition by Frank and Peter..

At this point we would like to thank the organizers of ZF for this great event!