ZF Race Camp 2019

Just like in the previous years, it has been a special honor for the team to be invited to the ZF Race Camp again this time. Together with 28 other teams from nations worldwide, the two day event took place at the Fair Friedrichshafen close to the airport and was a great opportunity to establish contacts, exchange knowledge and discuss ideas. An important part of the event was the exchange with the numerously present experts from the automotive departments of ZF. This opportunity has also been used to participate in test runs for the upcoming presentations at competition. The rich feedback from the judges was used to improve the performance of the team.

Other than the pits set up for each team, a large race track was also offered. It was used to collect test data for the driverless car with an updated sensor configuration. At the same time the event was the first public event of the driverless race car, just on the same day as its social media announcement.

Though the focus of the event was on Formula Student race cars, a Bobby Car competition also took place. To construct the fastest Bobby Car, the team cooperated with the Formula Student Team of RWTH Aachen. Together the students did not only show up in numerous newspapers, but also scored the first place and won a zeppelin flight with their electrically driven Bobby Car.