Support by Kreatize

Kreatize supports us among other things with the production of our inverters. A big goal of this season is the weight optimization of these inverters. A housing made of CFRP is used to achieve the greatest possible weight saving. So that all plugs and other connections are securely fastened in the housing, inserts are fastened in the housing. These important parts also focus on weight, which is why these parts are designed as sintered plastic parts.

Kreatize specializes in the manufacture of prototype parts, both in plastic and metal. In addition to the inserts for the housing, Kreatize manufactures structures for the interior of the inverters. Furthermore, two team members were allowed to participate in the Kreatize SME Day in Tübingen on 27.04.2018.

After a first meeting, the day continued with a guidance by the family enterprise TSF (Tübinger steel investment casting). We were able to experience the process of investment casting live.

Subsequently, the future production was demonstrated as part of a guided tour through Walter AG.

At the end of the evening we attended the basketball game between the Walter Tigers and FC Bayern Munich in the Paul Horn Arena. At this point we would like to thank Kreatize again for the great support and the successful event!


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