Meet The Seniors!

It’s that time again. When the rain starts, the leaves change, and the fog rolls in here in Corvallis. It is the time of year when a new crop of seniors begin their last step toward completing school and leaving the campus of OSU. There is only thing left; and that is GFR!
As the team begins in full the development of the 2013 car, there are many new, excited, and yet to be crushed faces here in roaming the halls of Rogers, Graf, and Covel.

This is just a sample of these brave men and women taking on the daunting task of meeting the expectations of those that came before. As was overheard by a yet to be identified source while attempting to interview these seniors: “Engineers don’t like talking to people!”

Phillip Arscott Mechanical Engineering, Aero
Phillip was actually part of the 2012 team and made the trek overseas for the competitions in Austria and Germany. While there, he noticed that all the fast teams ran an aero package and commented “GFR can improve on their aero package and I want to be involved.” Also, he commented on that all the top US teams, as well as from all over, was in Germany and it was a better representation of all the formula teams.
This year Phillip wants to be part of the group going to competitions as it will help him practice talking to people. But first, he needs to navigate the large amounts of documentation and communication that is part of development of the aero package and he is looking forward to the challenge.  As he mentioned, “I need to use skills that I was not taught in class; such as working together and people skills.”  Phillip, your experience with having already been at competition will make you a valuable part of this year’s team.

Chris Schoenbein, Mechanical Engineering, Suspension
This is Chris’ first year being part of SAE and Global Formula Racing, though; this is where he wanted to be for his senior project. Chris will responsible for the steering column and housing, while focusing on making it easier to manufacture. Thus far, Chris is impressed with the organization of GFR. “It is everything; the engineering process, applications, deadlines, working with companies. It is set up like a company. ”
Chris does feel like that he is ready to meet the challenges of the coming year. With his engineering background, he can come into something new and become a part of it, even wanting to participate in competitions. “I will know about my design and know what I am talking about, and I will feel comfortable presenting at competitions.” Chris, we are lucky to have you and the skills you bring to the team.

David Evanglisti, Mechanical Engineering, C-Powertrain
David comes into the team with some prior experience with formula. As a sophomore, David spent time working on that year’s car. However, school got in the way and he had to focus on his classes. Now as a senior, he is back. “Working on the team will be beneficial and it a sweet experience compared to other projects!” His excitement is tempered with a little trepidation as there is a big learning curve with car mechanics and reading the old reports.
One project that David wants to work on is to take advantage of the time difference with his mates in Germany. “We can use distance to our benefit. If we stay on top of things, and with foresight and planning, we can have 24 hour work days.” David, this is a creative solution to issues with time constraints. Let us be the first to echo your words: “We only have good things to look forward to.” Good things, indeed.

Dennis Risser, Mechanical Engineering, C-Powertrain
Dennis is yet one more team member that has come in with prior formula experience. He was part of the team his freshman year. Now as a senior, he has fully embraced the GFR lifestyle. His passion is with C-powertrain and is where he belongs. “I really, really want engines. It’s what drives me!” Dennis is committed to see the engine through to culmination, despite graduating in the winter.
Dennis did admit that there is more to working on C-powertrain than the technical aspects of engines. He is a little nervous of the amount of reading and managing his time schedule to meet the sub team’s goals and expectations. Though, Dennis’s commitment is clear. “I personally want to see things through to the end, to see if I can work with people that I like and people that I don’t like.” Dennis, this is GFR. There is no one here not to like!

Caleb Doner, Mechanical Engineering, Impact Intenuator
Caleb is motivated to be a part of the team and working with composites. He was first introduced to material science in the class room, and is now sucked into the design and manufacturing of composites. “This is real life, what I want to do and what I will be doing in business.”
Caleb admitted that he has a hard time turning people down when they need help. “I want to make things to help people and find value in meeting other people’s needs.”  This includes going to competitions and presenting for the team, or doing whatever needs to be done.  Caleb thinks of himself as a “Ninja-neer”: Using his engineering background to help people without wanting or needing recognition for it. Caleb, GFR is eager to experience your Ninja-ness in person!