GFR Team Building Weekend in Austria

A team building weekend for the upcoming season was held from 19.10. until the 21.10.2012
in Mittelberg, Austria. The focus of the weekend was on the integration of new team members.
The weekend began on Friday with an open meet, while gradually the nearly 50 participants arrived. Among the participants in addition to the German team also included a small delegation of the American team. They discussed the progress and objectives for the weekend and ate dinner together.

On Saturday, the team began after breakfast with games to promote getting to know and trust one another.. There were a few games where the team members were able to prove their responsiveness and technical knowledge. These games included among others the “egg test”. This game is a DIY task, with each team gets a raw egg, some straws, four A4 sheets of paper, about one meter of rope and some tape available to them. The teams, consisting of four persons, were required to build from these materials a structure for the egg to survive a drop from the first floor.

After lunch, presented the subteams the Global Formula Racing presented the objectives for the next competitions. From there the team broke into smaller groups and the new members were able to ask questions for each subteam. In addition, an initial discussion and brainstorming session was conducted for the upcoming season. After the workshop was an initial distribution of tasks for the coming weeks. Through the seamless integration and communication between
the old and the new team members, new members were able to accept these first tasks.

The team-building weekend finally ended successfully on Sunday with a brunch and
a final cleanup. The aim of integration was very successful due to the good organization and the willingness to accept new members in the team shown by the older team members.

The GFR team was pleased to be able to close out the weekend with the results of the “egg test” contest.

Team Weekend 2