ZF RaceCamp

Over the course of three days total, June 15th through the 17th, we had the pleasure of attending the ZF Racecamp at the exhibition centre in Friedrichshafen.With a total of 21 international teams, this was highly anticipated as the eCar’s first event and the first opportunity for us to practice our static events. Although the team worked day and night, we unfortunately didn’t have a driving eCar in time. The team decided to bring out the car to the trade fair ground for the static presentations and gather valuable experience for the upcoming events.  The ZF Racecamp also offered great opportunities to talk with other teams at Friday’s huge barbecue. All-in-all the team left the event feeling great and thankful for the opportunity to attend. For that we’d like to give a big shout to ZF for throwing an event with such a great atmosphere filled with learning experiences!