Teambuilding Hut in Austria

New people, new impressions – the new season of the GFR-Teams starts for all our new and old team members with the annual Teambuilding-Hütte in Austria. With a presentation and a attaching film we utilized Friday evening to get in the right mood for the new season. With games the spell between new and old team members broke fast.

Saturday morning we went for it. In six different groups we got a task comparable to the ones in ‘Fromula Student Events’. Goal of this task was to built a marble run. We had to give a design proposal as well as we had to give a presentation about it. The afternoon was than intensively used to discuss new drafts and strategies. New team members were involved and given the opportunity to bring in their ideas. As a whole team the last evening died away cozily.

For all our new team members the hut was a perfect occasion to get a complete overview over the tasks within the teams as well as getting to know other team members. Like that the team left the hut highly motivated and full of ideas and plans for the new season.