First Shipment – From DHBW to OSU

Once again four international shipments are planned between Germany and the US for this year. The first of these shipments contains essential parts and components for our combustion car, which were manufactured by students at the Duale Hochschule Baden-Württemberg in Friedrichshafen as well as by our industry sponsors. Uprights, A-Arms, parts of the suspension and pedal assembly were included in this shipment along with more than 100 other individual parts.

The team finalized the designs of both cars at the end of last year. Supply Chain Management was then tasked with coordinating the manufacture of components for the first shipment. Arrival of the shipment at Oregon State University (OSU) marks the beginning of the final production stage of the GFR16c car. Communication with the team and manufacturing supporters was necessary in order to complete and deliver all of the components in time. Despite all of the efforts and preparations some delays were necessary, and the shipment had to be moved back a few days.

However, we used this opportunity to pick up manufactured parts in person at our sponsor facilities, which gave us a deeper insight into their manufacturing. Together the whole team conducted tests and reviews on all single components before the parts were organized and packaged for the shipment to OSU, ensuring the parts would arrive at their destination safely and the assembly process could begin.

We would like to sincerely thank all of our sponsors and supporters. You made it possible for our first parts shipment of the year to reach OSU from the DHBW by offering timely advice and providing production facilities, machines, and materials. We have to extend a particularly hearty thank you to Grieshaber Logistik GmbH, who are generously supporting GFR this year with shipment logistics.


The crate is good to go