The Unveil.


05/24/2017. The team was happy to welcome over 100 supporters, sponsors and friends to the official rollout of the GFR17e. Once again, the event was held in the Kulturraum Kaserne in Friedrichshafen, Germany. The presentation included information on the Formula Student and the GFR shoplife. Prof. Dr. Freitag (GFR Faculty Advisor) and Heinrich Grieshaber (Grieshaber Logistik GmbH) gave speeches about the co-operation with GFR, which rounded it all up. After that, four of the tech leads were invited on stage to answer questions about the assembling process, time schedule and Formula Student in general. The interview ended with details on the changes that were implemented in this year’s car. Additionally to the changes that had been made to fit the new FSG rules, the whole battery concept has been changed this season. With the new Drag Reduction System and new air shocks, the team made significant changes to the previous design. After a “Back to the Future” inspired rollout video, the veil was finally lifted. The audience could come on stage to get a closer look at the car and ask the team members about the new GFR17e. All in all, it was a very successful event that motivated both supporters and team members for this year’s competitions. The next big event is already coming up on June 1st, when GFR is going to attend the ZF Race Camp.


It happened: the GFR17c is officially unveiled. It hit the track directly after the Rollout and is currently being prepped for FSAE Michigan. Check this page out for some background information.


Welcome our new family member.


What happened in Wilsonville?

The GFR17c Rollout

On April 21, supporters and friends of the Global Formula Racing Team gathered at the World of Speed Motorsports Museum in Wilsonville, OR, to witness the unveiling of the GFR17c. The car was prepped on the stage, hidden under a black satin veil. Finally the time had come: we could reveal all our work of the season. Guests listened to speeches from our Faculty Advisor Dr. Robert Paasch and David Schaeffer, the Executive Director of World of Speed. Together with Orbit Events LLC, the museum sponsored our rollout once more this year. The big stage and motorsport atmosphere complemented the presentation about the team and a video message sent in by the team members in Friedrichshafen. After a shout rollout video that showed the manufacturing processes, it was finally time to lift the veil and present the GFR17c.

In a following Q&A session, team members gave away some details about the new technical features. Afterwards, sponsors and friends got an up close look at the car. We would like to thank all our guests in attendance and look forward to another successful season together!

Shortly after, the car was already busy testing at Dallesport the next day. With FSAE Michigan approaching fast, we are focused on setting up the car for the event. Needless to say, the new power unit and aero package is very promising!


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